Bombing/Gross/Fine Leak Tester

  • ms-series 

    MS Series

    This system was designed to automatically test a variety of miniature electronic components which require hermeticity, such as crystal oscillators, ceramic oscillators. Saw filters, miniature relays. ICS capacitors and switches, unlike conventional visual inspection methods, which use fluorinate, hot water, or other manual leak inspection methods, this system’s inspection processer are fully automatic. This quality enables quality control using numerical values, reducers required resources and cost and eliminates pollution problem that had occurred during previous testing methods.

  • MUH-0100-S 

    MUH-0100 Series

    • Tests ultra-fine leak 4×10-15 Pa‧m3/sec (He)
    • The "Capsule-Accumulation Method" patent pending
    • Applicable works: MEMS parts and compact electronic parts
  • MSP-0100-P 

    MSP Series

    • Leak Tester for sealed packing container, including Medical and Pharmaceutical Products, Cosmetics and Foodstuffs.
    • Quality Control of Numerical Leakage.
    • Apply for PTP, Pillow Packing, Lunch Box Packing, coffee stick packs and Eyeliner Pencil.
    • The Graphic Display of measurement status.
    • Can be saved in 16 different setting conditions at most.
    • Serial Communication Output: Equipped with USB ports and RS-232C that are for PC output and save measurement results.
    • GMP / validation support.