Air Leak Tester

  • fl-293 

    FL-273 | FL-284 | FL-293 | FL-294 Series

    • Compact Air Leak Tester.
    • Standardized Sensor Safety Bypass System Protects.
    • Your Sensor And Promotes A Secure.
    • Cost-Effective Leak Testing System.
    • RS-232C Output Of Test Results, Different Pressure Data.
    • Group Setting Function.
  • fl-610 

    FL-610 Series

    • Equipped with USB ports.
    • Large-sized Graphic Color Display
    • A variety of parts covered.
    • Compact Master-Less Leak Tester.
    • Shortened Testing Time.
    • Detection Accuracy.
    • Master-Less.
    • Improving outside factors.
    • Corresponds to multiple work parts.
    • Extensive maintenance function.
  • fl-3700 

    FL-2700 | FL-3700 | FL-3800 | FL-2600 | FL-3600 Series

    • Corresponds to work volume air leak tester.
    • Turbo, Greatly reduces pressurization time and Eliminates the need to use A master.
    • Three models that cover A full range of volume from 1ml~50l.
  • fl-611 

    FL-611 Series

    • Multipurpose Air Leak Tester.
    • Means permits without Master Work.
    • High Accuracy and Short Means Time.
    • Equipped with USB ports.
    • Large-sized Graphic Color Display.
  • FLZ-0620 側面 

    FLZ-0620 Series

    An air-leak tester with improved leak volume precision, which converts its results based on auto-calibration for effects of environmental changes (both ambient temperature and pressure etc.)

    • Improved precision of leak sensitivity through auto calibration based Flow standards.
    • Improved testing precision from a stabilized zero point.
    • Separation of the testing station (Greater homogenization of test part and sensor environments).


  • FLZ-0220

    FLZ-0220 Series

    Settings and operation are easy performed by the touch panel icon display. It's possible to fulfill high-functional performance by a small body.

    • Easy operation by touch panel.
    • Equipped with standard linear fitting correction function.
    • Compatible function in one equipment with positive pressure and negative pressure.
    • Auto-calibration function with high-precision measurement (optional).
    • Compatible with barcode reader function (optional).